How to Buy a Wig: 5 Things to Consider

How to Buy a Wig: 5 Things to Consider

Wigs have become common among people who wish to look good and make a fashion statement. It is also an ideal option when you suffer from hair loss. Wigs offer the convenience of having good hair without too much trouble. Unlike their heavy predecessors, the wigs you get now look stylish and comfortable. The use of modern technology in wig-making has resulted in lightweight wigs that look natural and feels comfortable without compromising your style. You have several options available in the market. How can you make the best choice? Here are some tips:

#1 Hair Fiber

You can access wigs made from synthetic fibers or human hair. Each variant has its pros and cons. Synthetic wigs make the perfect choice for people who cannot spend time styling the wig. The wigs come pre-cut and pre-styled. However, you can maintain the style with ease as they hold their shape and dry fast. It also costs less than the human hair option. Synthetic wigs may look artificial and have limited styling options. If you want a natural look and can spend more money, choose the human hair wigs. It offers styling versatility. You must take care of the wigs as you care for natural hair. Hence, natural hair wigs require more upkeep than the synthetic option.

synthetic stylish women hair wigs

Human Hair Extensions

#2 Wig Color

In most cases, people choose a wig mirroring their natural hair color. The wig may include lighter ends, darker roots, and highlights to provide a natural look. Try to choose the ideal shade matching your hair color to maintain harmony. When you choose the correct shade, it can maintain a balance between your eye color, hair color, and your skin tone. Find if you have a warm or cool skin tone to find the best wig color. People with warm skin tones can choose wigs in warm shades of grey, auburn, copper, chestnut, honey brown, and golden brown. Cool skin tones can choose black, dark brown, burgundy, brown, platinum blond, and ash blond.

#3 Face Shape

A person’s face shape can play a vital role in determining the best wig. Based on the face shape, you can choose the style, texture, and length of the wig to complement your looks. All styles may not suit some face shapes. Hence, getting an expert opinion from the hairdresser can make the process easier. Your hairdresser can suggest the best wig style you can consider buying. You can also take the wig to the hairdresser to customize and style it according to your preferences.

The Right Wig for Your Face Shape

Human Hair Wigs

#4 Wig Cap

When you buy a wig, you can see the hair attaches to a base known as a wig cap. A wig made of human hair or synthetic fiber gets sewn to the cap by hand or machine. Most wigs can have a standard cap sewn using a machine. It costs less and tends to feel like an affordable choice. A capless style of the wig can offer better ventilation when you wear the wig. It keeps you cool and comfortable. You can also access the monofilament cap option that looks natural. In this option, the hair hand-tied to the micromesh gives comfort. The soft mesh may not irritate the scalp. Hence, it becomes the ideal choice for people with sensitive scalps.

#5 Head Measurement

For a perfect fit and comfort, while wearing the wig, you must find the right fit. You can check the various sizes like petite, average, and large. The size standards may vary with the manufacturer. Many manufacturers may not follow the standard size. To make a perfect choice, you must measure the head size. Start with the hairline, measure over the ear, the bend in your neck, and the area above the other ear. You must also measure from front to back starting at the hairline’s front. Then, go back over the crown to the nape of the neck. Measure from ear to ear while starting at the hairline in front of one ear. Go over the crown to the other ear’s front. Take all measurements and compare them to the sizing chart of the manufacturer you choose. You can find the perfect fit.

There are several factors influencing the final look of the wig. Women buy a wig thinking it will suit them only to end up disappointed. They may not look into the various factors influencing the final look. You must take some time and effort to find the best platform offering the best wigs. You must consider shopping from a reputed platform like Hair Laidy. You can access wigs of various styles, colors, styles, and hair fibers. You can find the perfect one that will suit you perfectly. The expert wig makers at Hair Laidy offer dedicated services to ensure you get the best service and satisfying experience. Hair Laidy can make your wig shopping experience fun and hassle-free. You will get a natural-looking or stylish wig that will complement your look.

Reasons To Choose Hair Laidy

Why should you choose Hair Laidy to buy a wig? There are several reasons why choosing this platform can offer you the best results. Some of them include:

  • Black Owned Business

The expert team behind Hair Laidy dedicates their services to all the communities overlooked by others. The women-owned business dedicates time and effort to ensure customers get the best results while choosing a wig. The professionals understand the customer requirements and guide them in the right direction for the best results.

  • Dedicated Customer Service

Hair Laidy values every customer. Hence, you can expect customized services to choose the best wig suiting your specific needs. The expert team communicates with the client to find solutions to problems with professionalism. Every customer feels welcome at Hair Laidy.

  • Positive Reviews

Hair Laidy has earned a positive reputation as a premium wig provider. The stellar reputation among customers has made this brand famous. Customers can get the best wig suiting their style to look good and feel confident. It is all about getting what are you paying for. Quality is important and only a reputed brand can offer you assurance of quality products, so go for the best.

Wigs have undergone a drastic transformation with the inclusion of the latest technology. Hair Laidy understands a customer’s need to find the best wig to make them look stylish and confident. This brand can give you access to the best wigs you desire that integrates with your scalp and facial features seamlessly. Beginners or advanced wig users can shop on the platform to find the best choice suiting their current style. Visit Hair Laidy to choose from the various wig styles to complement your look and make your purchase worthwhile.


Sometimes hair loss can become a big problem and does not allow you to look perfect. If you want to try different hairstyles and need perfect solution for your hair loss issue, you should consider having a natural looking wig. If you have already made up your mind to buy a wig, then you should consider few important factors to make the right selection. We have mentioned all these points above, you should read them carefully. Hope you like the post.

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