Human Hair vs Remy Hair: What’s the Difference?

Human Hair vs Remy Hair: What’s the Difference? - hairlaidy

When shopping for hair extensions, weave, and wigs, there are tons of options to consider. Human hair and remy hair are very common types of hair used in hair extensions and wigs, but do you know the difference? Well, let’s start with what makes them similar. Both grades of hair are higher quality and last much longer (with proper care) than synthetic hair and give off a more natural look.  All remy hair is actually 100% human hair, but all human hair is not remy hair. Remy hair is top-quality human hair and has a specified standard, whereas human hair is a much more broad classification of hair.


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What is 100% Human Hair?

What is Remy human hair  ?

What is the Difference Between Human Hair & Remy Hair?


100% Human Hair

100% Human hair only comes from a human scalp. It is not mixed with any animal hair or chemical, manmade fibers. There is no other requirement for hair to be human hair, so it is collected from the floor of barbershops and salons, brushes and combs, sometimes even corpses. The hair ends and tops can face any direction, making this type of hair much more prone to tangling than remy hair, and the reason why non-remy, human hair is much cheaper.


Remy Hair  

Remy hair is high-quality human hair because of how it is collected. Real, remy hair must have the cuticle still intact after removal. Every hair strand must follow the natural direction of growth, from root to end. After removal, the hair remains very smooth to the touch and is much less prone to tangling than regular human hair. All of the hair follows the direction it’s supposed to, giving off a much more natural, seamless look. 


Remy hair also lasts much longer than non-remy hair, which is cut with hair strands in any direction. When hair does not follow the correct direction, brushing and handling the hair causes friction and damage, so it doesn’t last as long as hair that follows a common direction from root to end. 


High-quality human hair extensions and wigs made with remy hair and remy hair extensions are the most popular type of hair extensions available. has a huge collection of high-quality, remy hair weave and wigs.



What Is The Difference Between Remy and Human Hair

Both are 100% natural human hair, however there is no requirement regarding whether or not it has been chemically treated with color, perm, or texturizer. Any hair removed from a human scalp is human hair, and remy hair is harvested with cuticles still intact, with all hair strands aligned in the same direction they grew in, from root to end.  The next level up in quality from human hair and remy hair is virgin hair, which must not have ever been dyed or permed to earn that classification. Virgin hair donors don’t use any chemicals in their hair and that is the only thing separating virgin hair from remy hair. 


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