Brazilian Body Wave

    Hey sis, ready to ride the wave of glamour? Welcome to HairLaidy's collection of Brazilian Body Wave. Made with 100% human hair, these bundles are all about giving you that full, voluptuous look that's as stunning as it is versatile....

    Looking for a little ombre action? Our Ombre Body Wave Bundles are just the thing. They're designed to give you that beautiful, color-gradient look that's both stylish and unique.

    And if you're all about that unprocessed, natural texture, our Virgin Brazilian Body Wave got you covered, honey. These bundles offer a healthy, luscious texture that's sure to turn heads.

    Join the HairLaidy family and let your hair speak volumes with our Brazilian Body Wave collection. Shop now and step into your new style with confidence. 'Cause here at HairLaidy, we're all about celebrating the queen in you!

    Body Wave Wig Online for Sale in USA

    - Brazilian Human hair Body Wave Lace Front Wigs

    - 13x4 13x6 Lace Frontal Pre Plucked with Bleached Knots and Baby Hair

    - Glueless Virgin Human Hair extensions

    - 4×4 5x5 6x6 Lace Closure Wigs

    Have you always wanted long, wavy hair, or wanted to switch up your hair texture, but your natural hair won’t allow it? Well, Hair Laidy’s got you covered. We have a variety body wave wigs and hair extensions at different lengths and colors for you to choose from.

    Hair Laidy provides top-quality virgin and remy human hair wigs and extensions at fair prices and stackable discounts.


    - Body wave texture is classic and always in style. It can be dressed up or dressed down to match your fashion preference and outfit.

    - Body wave wigs are made from hair that looks very natural, no one can tell the difference between your hair and the wig!

    - You can easily restyle or manipulate body wave curl pattern or texture to straight, wavy, or curly using heated and unheated hairstyling tools.


    Body Wave FAQs

    Body wave hair is voluminous with a gorgeous, large wave curl pattern that can be manipulated into tighter curls or even bone-straight with heated or non-heated hair styling tools.

    The best type of hair to achieve the classically gorgeous style is Brazilian, Peruvian, or Indian human Remy hair.

    Virgin or Remy Body Wave hair products at Hair Laidy include 100% Human hair extensions bundles, lace front wigs, frontals, and closures.

    Every hair fashionista should know knows about body wave and loose wave hair, but what’s the difference and which is better?

    Both are beautifully versitile and canbe used to enhance your own natural hair, or as hair extensions, bundles with closure, or full lace wigs.

    Loose Wave and Body Wave are two leading hair weave and wig textures/styles that are most often advertised online, on tv, and worn by celebrities. But when applied, not many people can tell the difference between the two.

    Body Wave Hair

    - Has a Specific S-shaped curl that is not too straight, but not too wavy. The bends in the curl of the hair are elongated and maintain a consistent “S” shape throughout the length of the hair.

    - No Need for Special Hair Care or Maintenance and is always ready to wear. Body wave hair extensions and wigs are soft, smooth, and return to shape. They can last a year or longer with proper care, which is essentially just treating it as your own hair.

    This type of hair is considered one of the best, low-maintenance hairstyles that can go with any outfit or occasion; especially when customized with colorful tones and highlights or bangs.

    - Suits Any Face Shape whether you have a round, slim, or long face. The thickness of body wave hair, unlike straight hair, complements all face shapes by making sharp features softer and thin features fuller. The hair gracefully accentuates your unique face shape give the allusion of a perfectly proportioned face-to-hair ratio.

    Loose Wave

    - More Curly than body wave hair. When held side-by-side, body wave hair and loose wave hair with identical lengths will show that the loose wave hair has many more waves or curls than the body wave hair from top to bottom. The wave in loose wave is actually a tighter or shorter wave or curl than body waves.

    - Unique Appearance with soft, fluffy, weightless waves. Loose wave hair is very vibrant and youthful and can add a playful or sexy edge to your hairstyle.


    Loose wave hair typically comes in longer lengths than body wave hair and has more elasticity or stretch. The curls are also tighter and more plentiful in Loose wave hair, so if you’re looking for hair that is more curly than wavy, loose wave might be the best choice between the two.

    Choosing the right one mostly relies on personal choice of the wearer. The curl/wave pattern of Vietnamese Virgin or Remy loose wave hair extension bundles and wigs lasts longer than those made with body wave hair. That’s because Body waves will gradually get straighter over time.

    Loose wave hair would also be the better choice if you plan to frequently curl the hair. Body wave hair is no match when it comes to volume. Loose wave hair extensions and wigs have much more volume than body wave hair, which is great for those who love a full, voluptuous head of curls!

    Dying & Bleaching

    As long as your body wave or loose wave hair is 100% human hair, you can bleach and dye it any color you want, however, please be aware curly or wavy hair takes additional time and patience than other types when coloring. Sometimes, the hair doesn’t fully return to it’s original wavy texture after it’s been treated with color.

    That being said, if you don’t have much experience dying or bleaching or you don’t know a reliable stylist that can get it done for you, you can always order body wave or loose wave hair in just about any color at Hair Laidy!

    Use a wig comb to manage the hair and make it last long-term.

    Loose wave is more durable and can be combed or brushed with more force than body wave hair. Body wave hair must be managed and detangled with care.


    Properly washing body wave and loose wave hair extensions requires using your hands and carefully shampooing the hair strands to keep the curl/wave pattern in tact.


    Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and Vietnamese hair are among the highest quality hair types you can buy. Whether it’s virgin or Remy hair, they will always give you a voluminous, natural, youthful look and will easily blend into a variety of natural hair textures.

    We highly recommend Peruvian, Vietnamese, and Indian loose wave and body wave hair extensions and wigs because of its full versatility, shine, and longevity compared to Brazillian hair and other types.