Curly Hair

    Hey sis, ready to embrace the curl power? Welcome to HairLaidy's collection of Curly Hair Styles. Made from 100% human hair, our curly wigs are designed to give you that full, natural look that's both fabulous and fun....

    Looking for a wig that's all about those gorgeous curls? Our Curly Hair Wig For Women got you covered, honey. These wigs are all about giving you that beautiful, curly-haired look that's both versatile and stylish.

    And if you're all about that natural look, our Natural Curly Hair Wigs are your perfect match. These wigs are designed to blend seamlessly with your hair, giving you that natural, effortless style.

    Join the HairLaidy family and let your curls do the talking with our Curly Hair collection. Shop now and step into your new style with confidence. 'Cause at HairLaidy, we're all about making you feel as fabulous as you look!

    Natural Curly Hair Wigs for Black Women

    Whether it’s deep, loose or body waves you’re looking for, or even tight, springing corkscrew curls, curly hair will give you a youthful, playful and even sexy edge that’ll have all eyes on you.

    Every curly wig is unique, which is absolutely perfect for showing off your individual style and vibe. Make it your own!

    Curly hair extensions and wigs require far less maintenance than straight or other styles – all you really need to do is allow it to air-dry with a little product, and ‘BAM!’ you’re ready to hit the streets. You won’t need any expensive or hard to use tools or complicated techniques because your curls will bounce and pop naturally.

    Curly hair wigs also don’t require very frequent washing, making it the perfect choice for the busy woman, on-the-go. These versatile wigs allow you to effortlessly look runway-ready at all times.

    Unlike naturally curly-haired women, you’ll never have to stress in hot, humid weather or rain because your curly hair wig won’t become matted and tangled up with your hairstyle looking a mess.

    Confidently rock your curly hair, worry-free, rain or shine!

    Shop Curly Wigs at Hair Laidy

    Hair Laidy curly lace front wigs are made with 100% human hair and come in a variety of textures and curl patterns.

    Our Virgin and Remy hair selections are made with high-quality grade hair that’s thick, luxurious, and unbelievably soft.

    You can treat Hair Laidy hair like your own hair, since it is in fact, human hair. Heat, style,bleach, color as you wish. Also, you’ll experience very little to no tangling or shedding at all, wearing our curly hair wigs and extensions.

    If that wasn’t enough, our human hair curly wigs are incredibly easy to maintain, especially if you’re familiar with how to care for curly hair.

    It’s super easy: just activate the curls by wetting or spraying them with water, apply a bit of leave-in curl moisturizer or conditioner (if needed) and allow it to air-dry.

    Every curly wig comes with a lace front cap(light brown, transparent, or hd) that makes the hair look as natural as possible. When you see how the luxury lace seamlessly melts into your scalp and hairline, you’ll almost be convinced the wig is your natural hair!

    We have so many curly wigs with varying curl types, from tight, coils kinks to loose, springy curls, along with lengths from 8 to 40 inches, 13% to 250% density, and just about every color, highlight, or ombré combination you can come up with.

    We’re all about options and flexibility for you to achieve your perfect style.

    Caring for a curly wig is hard or time consuming at all. Here’s everything you need to do to keep your wig looking A1.

    Gently shampoo the hair — don’t vigorous scrub it so you don’t disturb the curl pattern.

    Don’t wash your wig too frequently. This can cause frizzing – washing the wig once a month or so is ideal, unless to remove heavy product buildup (which you shouldn’t need much of to begin with!).

    Never, ever brush a curly hair wig when it’s dry. Right after washing and conditioning the hair, detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb, from ends to roots.

    We recommend using a spray leave-in conditioner to keep your curls looking as healthy, hydrated, and vibrant. All you have to do is leave the wig flat on a towel while it air-dries. You won’t need a wig stand, and it’s actually not preferred. It can sometimes weigh the hair down and distort the curls.

    Always keep your curly-haired wig moisturized with water, hair oil, and or leave-in conditioner to prevent the curls from looking dull.

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    *REAL REVIEW* the hair is honestly really good, according to my stylist. i never leave reviews but i ordered a 13x6 250 density 30 inch wig and it’s really giving what it’s supposed to.

    loved this unit, no problem with bleaching the knots or installing it!!!! length is almost perfect

    Hair Was very soft , lace was amazing everything was there the texture in all i would purchase again

    Absolutely amazing hair, was still very silky after dying themhighly recommend,will purchase again!!

    Absolutely amazing hair, was still very silky after dying themhighly recommend,will purchase again!!

    So far the hair has held up well and is easy to maintain and install. Very little shedding! The length is real, it came without smell, even a little fragrant. The portion is good and the whole hair is full, I will definitely order it again.

    This is my hair for the upcoming prom.If you think it's a little difficult to do a new style, you can add some conditioner and water to repair wet hair to try, which will better stretch your style.The Hair isa ture 100% , and my hair is full, odor free, and doesn't fall out when I touch it. This is the first time I've purchased such a happy hair and I'm sure I'll get so many compliments using it on prom day, I think I'll keep repurchasing it here.

    I was pleasantly surprised to receive it.The length is 100% real. It is very soft and carefully selected. The lace is great, the lace is perfect, it suits my skin perfectly. The packaging is great! The fullness of the hair is everything. It is very very soft and has not fallen off so far. The seller is also very good at communicating, very kind and considerate.

    I love this hair, once you open it for the first time, it's so soft. The hair is barely shed and there is no smell. Hair is easy to manage and does not tangle. Just use water to define curls for perfect results! The hair has a beautiful curly pattern. All in all, this wig is highly recommended.

    Great communication very good hair as described

    This is a true comment!! The first delivery was fast, and it was received in about 4 days. It comes with a wig cap and some lovely eyelashes, not cheap eyelashes from other companies! Now the hair itself is super soft, very long, not easy to tangle and fall off, in addition, I have no complaints, I will order from this supplier, and will only move forward! Because hair is everything, not even falling off!!

    the hair is exactly as described by the seller, and the curve is definitely the standard for a super-explosive lady. I wore it on my birthday and it was very light and breathable, and it didn't have an unpleasant smell. Even if I haven't brushed my hair for 3 days, it doesn't shed or tangle. It makes me happy that people keep complimenting me because of having it. Thank you seller. Will re-order from here.

    Love this hair. Very soft and thick! The curly hair is elastic and looks plump. It looks like a picture on the website. The length and curvature are very correct. The density is 180 and the thickness is very thick. I will definitely buy it again, and the delivery speed is very fast. I swear it only took 4 days after I placed the order! The Seller responded within a reasonable time. She helped me get my hair on time.

    This is the first wig I've brought online ,my friend convinced me to order this because she often order hair from this Shop , this is my decision. I am very satisfied, it came very fast. Seller made sure it came before i needed it, thank you so much. I like this hair, exactly as described. When I opened it, it was soft and not smell, there is no shedding when my fingers through the hair. Hair is also easy to manage. I usually spray some water on it, and it keeps moist and holds the beautiful Curly very well. I am very impressed by the patterns. The hair is super full.

    i've ordered this hair 3 different times and it's the same great quality every time!!!! doesn't really shed and the curls stay soft!purchase it!

    There's nothing to dislike . Texture is wonderful . Soft , lace is great and no tangling or shedding yet . I will be buying again

    I definitely inlove with this hair ❤️, no sheds or anythingggg!! The texture omg .. & it's true to length.. I will order from here again

    Love love love this hair ! Seller was very quick with making sure order was received quickly. The hair is sooooo soft and pretty , I've revived several compliments on my hair.

    I ordered 30 inch loose wave. lace came pre plucked. Hair is really soft and true to length definitely will order In the future!! The lace bleached perfectly. I love my hair

    Came very fast got 26 inch it kinda didnt seem that long or very thick at the end but i still LOVE IT , it came really fast like two days after I ordered it

    I loved this unit! Knots very easy to bleach, very easy for me to pluck! I got a 32 inch and it was the true length. Very minimal shedding because of course it’s curly hair

    Just got it - looks and feels amazing!