The Best Way to Find a Natural-Looking Wig

The Best Way to Find a Natural-Looking Wig

You like to look beautiful when you go out and you make efforts to make it happen. Your hairstyle plays a role in the way you look. Unfortunately, some people lose their hair or may not have the length they wish. It may make things a bit tedious for them and they want right solution for it. Others may like to have various hairstyles to complement their attire. A wig may seem like the perfect solution to address such concerns.

It allows you to test new hairstyles without affecting your actual hair. But, most people feel a wig may give them an artificial look. Wigs come in various qualities and prices. Most people who have been using wigs, they have good experiences and know how to make the most of it. enhancing your look can be easier with such perfect solutions.

How can you find a natural-looking wig? Here are the factors you must consider to find natural looking wig:

Best natural color human hair wigs

Human Hair Wigs

Hair Density

Always check the wig’s hair density before you make a purchase. Density indicates the wig thickness. Wig density means the volume of hair. It is listed in percentage. When you wish for a natural look, select a wig with a not-too-thin lace wig. Always go for a high-density option. A wig with a density of 180% or more may give you a voluminous look. It looks good from the front to the back.

For a natural look, you must have lighter density along the hairline. Hair density indicates the thickness of the wig at the edges. To resemble a natural hairline, find a wig with 130% to 150% density.

Wig Cap Size

While the style of the wig plays a vital role, the wig cap size also has importance. A large-sized wig cap can have a loose fit. It feels fake. A smaller wig cap size can lead to the natural hair not fitting. It can trigger discomfort when you use the wig. The perfect size of the wig cap can ensure a secure fit. It looks realistic.

You can see wigs available in three sizes. You can access wigs in small, average, or large-size wigs. To make the ideal choice, you can measure your head using a flexible measuring tape. Find the size that looks like a natural fit. When you measure, focus on six areas of the head:

  • Forehead
  • Front to back
  • Circumference
  • Nape of neck
  • Ear to ear over the top
  • Temple to temple round back

Hair Length

The hair length may not impact the natural look of a wig. But, the hairstyle you choose based on your facial structure and the ability to carry the hairstyle with confidence can make a big difference. The length of the wig must match your face. Choose a hair length you can manage without hassles. You can find the length that you can wear every day. The wig length must suit your styling needs.

Wig Cap Type

You can access various types of wig caps. Among the various options, the lace front wig cap type can provide a natural-looking feel. It fits perfectly irrespective of your head size or skin tone. It ensures an ear-to-ear hairline with see-through lace to complete the natural look. This type of wig cap can also provide you with the versatility of various styling options.

Advanced wig users can opt for a full lace wig that gives full coverage. But, this type of wig provides a natural finish when you possess more skill and finesse while attaching it to the head. Beginners must try to stick to the lace front option. It can give a natural and beautiful finish without trying hard.

Face Shape

Face shape may not play a vital part in determining whether the wig can provide a natural look or not. But, choosing the wig complementing your face shop can enhance your style. It can promote a natural look. Here are suggestions to determine the best wig for various face shapes and styles you can consider:

  • Oval Face: Any wig style
  • Round Face: Shoulder length, waves, or longer
  • Heart Face: Chine length, short styles, facing layers, or side-sweep fringe
  • Diamond Face: Long or short bobs
  • Square Face: Tapered bangs or long styles
  • Oblong Face: Layered Voluminous Styles, Thick Bangs, or Past Chin Length

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can become the guiding light when you feel confused regarding the quality of wigs. People who have already made a purchase from a reputed online platform share their experiences. High-quality, natural-looking wigs can satisfy customers. It means you can read more positive reviews regarding the wig. The comments can also provide extra tidbits regarding the wig. You can find reviews on social media platforms or the company website. You can see photos or videos of how the wig looks up and close on real people.

Hair Color

People of color can choose a human hair wig with varying shades. But, to look natural, you must choose a color suiting your skin tone. Darker shades may provide a natural-looking finish. If you wish to try something with color in the unit, you can consider an ombre unit having dark roots. It may look natural as people may think your hair has started growing from the scalp.

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Human Hair Weave

Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle can play a role when choosing a wig for a natural look. The longer hairstyle may hinder your work when you have an active lifestyle. Longer hair can tangle or snag when you fail to wear the wig properly. Choose a wig suiting the look needed for your professional place.

Looking good can become easier by choosing the best and most natural-looking wig suiting your face. Focus on the hair, lace, and quality of the unit to ensure the best results. You can consider finding a wig with 100% virgin human hair to have silky tresses. For longevity and natural-looking hair, you must choose a trusted platform offering its customers various wigs suiting different styles. Hair Laidy has become the one-stop shop for the wig needs of customers. With several satisfied customers under the belt, this platform has earned its reputation as the ideal place to shop for wigs. You can find various types and styles of wigs suiting the specific requirements of the customer. The premium quality hair at affordable prices will convince you to fall in love with Hair Laidy. Check the selection to find the natural-looking wig to complement your look and feel confident. You get the assistance of professionals who understand your needs and offer solutions to make you feel happy and satisfied.


Everyone wants to look young, stylish and perfect, but sometimes it does not happen due to some factors. Hair loss is a common issue these days. People find it hard to carry a perfect look without a perfect hairstyle and wish to find a right solution for it. A natural looking wig can solve the issue and make things better for you.  If you are all set to find a wig, you should consider few important factors to make the right selection. We have mentioned these important points above, so you should read them. Hope you find the post useful and informative.

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