Hey sis, ready to add some extra volume and length to your crown? Welcome to HairLaidy's collection of the Best Remy Hair Extensions. Made with 100% human hair, our extensions are designed to blend seamlessly with your hair, giving you that natural, lustrous look. Looking to switch up your style from the comfort of your home? Our Hair Extensions Online are just the thing. With a variety of textures and lengths, you can find the perfect match for your hair. And if you're all about adding that extra thickness, our Hair Bundles Human Hair have got you covered, boo. These bundles are all about giving you that full, voluminous hair that's sure to make a statement.... So come on, join the HairLaidy fam and elevate your style with our Remy Hair Extensions. Shop now and let your hair do the talking. 'Cause here at HairLaidy, we believe in celebrating the queen in you!

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    Your search for the best online store to order hair extensions from is finally over! Hair Laidy is where you want to be. All of our hair extensions & wigs are made of high-quality hair that blends seamlessly with your own hair for a the most natural and discreet look. In addition to the 100% human hair extensions, lace front wigs and bundles with closure deals Hair Laidy is known for, we are proud to announce the upcoming addition of clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, invisible wire extensions, prebonded fusion hair extensions, micro-loop extensions, ponytail hair extensions, and hair toppers to our collection of affordable hair extension products! If quality extensions are what you’re searching for, we're you’re one-stop-shop! All Hair Laidy’s extensions and wigs come in a huge variety of hair colors, tones, highlights, hair lengths, textures, and styles. No matter if you’re looking for jet black hair extensions or platinum blonde wigs…14 inch extensions or 40 inch human hair lace front wigs… unprocessed virgin bundles, grade A Remy bundles with closure, or even synthetic braiding hair.

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    - Brazilian Remy Unprocessed Human hair Bundles

    - 1pc 3pc 4pc Bundles with 4x4 Lace Closure

    - Glueless Virgin Human Hair extensions

    - Lengths Available:

    8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40

    Hair Laidy has USA Hair extensions available to be used as tape-in hair, which is a quick and discreet way of adding length to your natural hair.

    If volume is what you’re after, we recommend micro-loop hair extensions or fusion/pre-bonded hair extensions. Both coming soon to

    Our hair extensions come in a variety of qualities, such as 100% real human hair, unprocessed virgin hair, Grade A Remy, and high-quality synthetic hair. All these options will give you longer and thicker hair, but with 100% real human hair, you have the freedom to style with heated tools without fear of damage.

    Hair Laidy hair extensions are available in so many colors, lengths, styles, textures and densities, we are quickly becoming the #1 choice for affordable hair extensions in America.

    It used to be rare to find hair extensions in America outside of big cities and metro areas, but now Hair Laidy makes it super easy to buy hair extensions online.

    Human hair extensions are super popular in America and that won’t change any time soon because it’s easiest way to lengthen, thicken and style your hair as naturally seamlessly as possible.

    Unlike synthetic hair extensions, human hair can be manipulated with heated and non heated hairstyling tools. If at any point you notice your extensions becoming thin or breaking off, you’d probably want to consider buying human hair extensions so that doesn’t happen.

    Hair extensions are a staple in the fashion industry. Hair Laidy’s extensions are available in many colors such as: natural black and jet black hair extensions, brown hair extensions, blonde hair extensions, ombre hair extensions, highligh hair extensions and so much more on America's best quality hair extension website!

    Remy human hair extensions are the best extensions to buy in terms of price and quality. Remy Human Hair Extensions are amazingly versatile and luxurious, which also means they are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hair pieces are much lower quality and are more vulnerable to damage.

    Human hair extensions are the most preferred extensions by experienced hair customers and hair stylists. But why do so many people spend thousands of dollars ever year on human hair extensions? Here’s why.


    - Easy to manage/ low-maintenance: Remy hair doesn’t require much work at all and the high quality of the hair will give you break on your hair extension care routine.

    - Versatility (switch it up!): A major advantage of wearing human Remy hair extensions is that it can be styled just as you would your own real hair; with heat, products, and moisture. You can also Recolor the extensions, however we don’t recommend dying or bleaching if you are inexperienced. To stay on the safe side, instead of coloring the extensions and possibly damaging them and shortening their lifespan, purchase your human hair extensions in one of our hundreds of available colors.

    - Easy to Wash/Doesn’t Require Frequent Washing: Wash and rinse human hair extensions as you would natural hair. Keep in mind, the longevity of your hair extensions depends on how well you care for them.

    Shopping online for hair extensions shouldn't be difficult or expensive. We believe all Canadians should also have access to our North American inventory of quality hair extensions at affordable prices. Our sophisticated distribution system allows us to provide 100% FREE shipping to all our Canadian customers as well.

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    Hair Laidy hair extensions are silky soft, tangle-free, don’t shed, and will discreetly give you longer, more voluminous hair. Hair extensions in the US are typically expensive, but not at Hair Laidy! We take pride in our international partnerships that allow us to keep our prices affordable and consistent.

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    Hair Extensions FAQs

    Hair Extensions allow you to enhance your look by adding thick, gorgeous length and volume without damaging your hair.


    - Easily get fuller thicker hair

    - Easily restyle with same hair installed; wash, apply heat, straight, curl, treat as your own hair.

    - Made from premium quality, 100% Remy human hair

    - Protects and causes absolutely no damage to natural hair

    - Ethically sourced, and sustainably made.

    Remy Hair products are of superior quality. Remy hair extensions are some of the most luxurious hair extensions on the market. Remy hair has very strict criteria. It must 1) come from a human head, 2) the hair cuticles must all be intact, and 3) all hair follicles must also be aligned in one, consistent direction.

    Collecting and aligning the hair in this way eliminates tangling and prevents shedding. Standard human hair extensions are less expensive than Remy extensions, but making the investment may be worth it due to its durability and extended life-span.

    Hair Laidy proudly provides the highest quality human Remy hair extensions on the market, but we acknowledge every hair extension and wig wearer has different needs.

    Choosing the most natural-looking hair extension type depends on your own natural hair.

    Overall, however, fusion hair extensions give off the most natural appearance, no matter what texture or hair type it is intended to match. Micro-ring or I-Tip hair extensions very closely mimic the same natural look. These extensions are applied using a clamping or heat bonding process, to bind small sections of hair extension strands to small segments of your own natural hair.

    These segmented bunches of hair extension and natural hair are called strands and they can span all over the head to add volume and length as needed.

    The best part is, since the strands connect the extension hair strands directly to your natural hair, the flow and movement of the hair looks completely natural and totally seamless.

    If that wasn’t great enough, these types of extensions last a really long time and can stay installed for months with proper upkeep.

    You will have to eventually remove and replace them closer to the scalp as your hair grows out, but with a lifespan of a year or more, these are definitely the go-to natural-looking extensions.

    All of Hair Laidy’s extensions, including the two types mentioned above (coming soon) are made with high-quality human hair that is either virgin or Remy that has been professionally colored and treated to offer the most natural, luxuriously vibrant hair possible.