4 Typical Remy Bundles With Closure Issues and Solutions

4 Typical Remy Bundles With Closure Issues and Solutions - hairlaidy

Those of us who frequently wear remy bundles with a closure may encounter the hair issues listed below. If you care for your remy hair properly, it will last longer. Everyone approaches hair problems differently; this is how we care for our remy bundles with a closure.


Shedding is the most common issue, but it is normal; all remy bundles with closures shed hair at some point. Don't be surprised if you notice hair loss. Hair is delicate and easily broken, so do not pull hair vigorously to reduce hair loss very effectively, especially when your hair is knotted or dry, be sure to comb your hair gently, and your remy hair weave  will undoubtedly last longer.


When hair is cut off a person's head, we can no longer nourish our remy bundles. When there is a lack of nutrition, the hair becomes dry. Hair tangles when it is dry and dirty, especially curly remy hair, such as kinky curly bundles with closure, deep wave bundles with closure, and so on. So when your hair becomes tangled, what you should do is condition your hair rather than brush it. Usually people are very impatient and unconsciously force the hair when it is tied up, so please, remember to brush your hair!

3. Damage from Dying/Bleaching

Remy bundles with closure can be dyed and are pretty simple to color; however, hair dye can cause damage to the hair. Reduce the number of times your hair is dyed and find a professional hair stylist to assist you in dying, bleaching, or chemically treating your hair extensions to reduce the harm to your hair. Dyed hair will be more vulnerable and dry, necessitating more gentle care and treatment.

A remy bundles with closure set that is worn on a daily basis has a life span of about half a year to a year. You can keep your remy hair extensions for an even longer period of time if you take great care of them and condition them on a regular basis.

4. How Do You Take Care Of Your Remy Bundles With Closure?

Hair conditioning is critical. When your hair becomes dry, dirty, or tangled, it is time to wash it. Do you know how to wash remy bundles with closure? You should only wash it in warm water with some hair conditioner. Leave the conditioner in the hair for at least 10 minutes and wash gently. While washing, don't twist the hair, but comb your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb if your hair is tangled. Because the hair is very soft and smooth at this time, then leave the hair to dry naturally and put some hair oil on the ends of the hair like our own hair. This will keep your human remy hair silky and soft. Conditioner should be applied to your remy bundles and closure at least once a week, preferably twice a week.

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